Born in New Caledonia, Samantha is a rising actress and former professional dancer, known for her roles on Tom Paton's films Black Site & The Ascent and the MMA film Duchess. Also an accomplished fight performer and martial artist, she continues to train in kickboxing and wushu while pursuing her acting career.

Height: 5”8

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Blue


Location: London, UK

About Samantha


INTERGALACTIC, role: Captain Alessia Harris, SKY & Moonage Pictures (2020)



BLACK OPS, role: Kia Clarke, Amunet Productions Limited, Dir. Tom Paton (2020)

Special Skills

Fighting: stage combat armed / unarmed, kickboxing, boxing, kung fu

Dance: contemporary, jazz, hip hop, ballet

Languages: French (bilingual), Spanish (fluent), Japanese (basics)

Lead Actress

BLACK SITE, Ren Reid, Air Pick Pictures, Dir. Tom Paton (2019)

Lead Actress

DUCHESS, role: Duchess, Breaking Point Flix, Dir. Keir Siewert (2018)

Lead Actress


Conflicts available upon request

Training & Workshops

The Actors Centre: with Daniel Dresner


The Actors Temple: with Ty Glaser


The Actors House Studio: with Anna Campbell

Los Angeles

Le Cours Florent: with Hubert Delattre